Best action-packed shooter game, Bullet Force

If you are looking for a new age, adventurous shooter game then Bullet Force it is. For those of you who do not what the game is all about, allow us to give a short intro on it and then we can move on to how to hack bullet force. The action game, Bullet Force, is a first-person shooter game, which comprises multiple modes. A player can avail to whichever mode they wish to from the four. Namely, these four modes are Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Free for All and Gun Game.


The gameplay is quite simple and filled with a lot of adventure, which involves killing in the game that includes four modes. Now, in these four modes, a player can choose how they wish to continue with the game. The modes Team Deathmatch and Conquest are based on team matches and the Free for All and Gun Game modes are based on individuals. In each game, you will have to score a certain amount of point to win the game. In order to gain the points, you will have to kill and score. The only motive or objective behind the gameplay is to kill to score points for your team or for yourself. The team match mode will have players allotted a certain number of players to kill to win. The same goes for the individual games, where a player will have to kill a stipulated number to score points for the win.

Contents of the game:

The game contains various items and information that aides a beginner and a pro to have a better understanding of the game and a good gaming session. The contents are as follows:

Guides: The guide section of the game provides a beginner with information and tips to proceed in the game, it makes up for a Bullet Force hack in the game itself.

Game modes: There is an option from where one can choose the game modes to play in, be it team matches or individual matches.

Weapons: The weapons in the Bullet Force video game is fantastic. They have a huge range of assault rifles.

Secondaries: This section provides a gamer with grenades and semi-automatics, as well as the G-18 and the Butterfly knife.

Throwables: This section mainly consists of the throwable weapons like knives grenades and other bombs.

Streaks: It is like getting awarded for killing and scoring. The more your kill streak, the merrier.

Perks: These are basically abilities that give a player various advantages over the game.

Camos: There are seventeen camos and gun camos in Bullet Force that can be obtained from cases.

HUD Setups: It is a collective of UI buttons, visuals and sliders on the screen of the game.

Maps: There are maps available in the game that help a player navigate through it.

Currency: The in-game currencies are used as Credits in the game, which are required for making transactions for buying items.

Suggestions: This section is basically where you get suggestions in the game for taking any action.

That is all for the game Bullet Force. It is replete with all the actions a gamer could expect. It makes killing all the more fun.

Tips and Cheats to Take Down Your Enemy in Free Fire Battleground

Are you playing the exciting Free Fire Battleground game? Well, we can help you win the game with our tips and cheats. These Free Fire Battleground cheats are formulated to help you out. Read the article given below, and you will know what you are required to do to conquer the game.

Free Fire Battleground Tips and Cheats That You Need To Know

Here are some of the main Free Fire Battleground cheats and tips that can help you win the game easily. All you have to do is keep these simple things in your mind, and you will be all set. Here you go with it:

Choose an Isolate Spot: In the game, you can choose your starting point according to your wish. Now, all you have to do is use this thing as an advantage for yourself. Since you will face other players in the game. Therefore, it is better than you choose an isolated location for you in the beginning. That’s because choosing to drop yourself into a loot area will only get you in battles that you are not ready for. So, it’s better than at. First you get all geared up and ready for the battle and then, face it. This will ensure that you have better chances of winning the battles and thus, the game as well. Once you have secured a good position, you are always free to look out for the loot areas in the game. For more loot, you’d need a diamonds hack for free fire.

Keep Yourself Safe: When you check out the minimap, you will find a white circle in it. Well, that’s called the safe zone. When you are in the game, always look out for the white circle because you never know when you will need it. Like for instance, when the islands start shrinking, you will have to go the new white circle that will be formed quickly. If you fail to do so them, you will get eliminated from the game. So, always be careful with the white circle in the game.

Always Check the Minimap: Apart from indicating the white circle or the safe zone in the game, the minimap serves other purposes as well. Like for instance, it can let you know about the danger zones as well. When you hear gunshots, it may be difficult for you to figure out the spot but with the help of the minimap, you can easily find out the location of the gunfire and confirm it. Take refuge in the nearest shelter and check out for the orange blips in the minimap. The minimap can be a real time saver if, you want to win the game. So, don’t you forget to keep an eye on it always?

Choose the Right Gear for Yourself: If you want to win the battles in the game then, you will have to choose the right gear for yourself. The moment you land on the ground, start looking for the nearest equipment. However, there is certain equipment in the game that is essential, and therefore, you should look out for them. Like for example, you will need a helmet for sure to protect yourself from all the headshots and a bag to carry all your loot. Try looking out for these essentials so, that you can use them to benefit yourself in the game.

Hide: The most obvious thing in the game is that you are always being watched in the game by someone. So, try to keep yourself hidden otherwise, you may get exposed to the simpers.

Thus, you can see that these cheats are easy to follow. Just keep them in mind, and you are sure to benefit yourself in the game.

Is “Text Message Grammar” Sabotaging Your Career?

subject: oops 🙂
hi, ted! could u send me a copy of that doc that anderson sent to every1 yesterday? deleted mine 🙁 thanx

Smartphones have given us the convenient ability to send emails as easily as text messages. Although this seems like a blessing for the business person on-the-go, many users have a hard time distinguishing between the tone of a casual text message and a business email.

About I week ago, I inquired about a car through Ohio dealership’s website. The salesman who responded via email wrote that I should click on the URL he provided in order to “see more pic of the car”. This responses surprised me, because I expected to be bombarded by dozens of professional and pushy emails from a super-slick, car salesman. I continued to correspond with him for a few emails, but the more emails I received from this salesman, the more I began to realize he was sending emails through a phone, using “text message grammar.” I was put off by his lack of professionalism, but because I was still interested in the car, I contact the dealership by phone and asked to speak to a different salesman.

Treating email recipients as if you are having a casual text message conversation could be loosing you both business and respect. Here are a few reminders to help you re-learn Smartphone, email professionalism.

Recognize that sending a business email from a phone is different than a text message

While this seems obvious, many people make this mistake everyday. Just think about it: when you are typing on the keypad of your phone, there is no real sensual difference between sending a text message or an email. Try to mentally remind yourself when you are sending an email that your recipient will most likely read your email on a computer, not a phone, and because of this, your grammatical errors will be magnified. Try to always follow the typical format of a letter or memo.

Use correct spelling and grammar

In my personal example, the style of the car salesman’s emails lost him a sale. If you are not careful with the impressions you are making through electronic communication, customers may get the impression that you are not taking them seriously. In business, everyone should be treated as a customer (someone who has influence over your ultimate success). As a potential influence over the success of your career, everything in your work sphere should be professional. In this world of ever-lessening standards in and out of the workplace, consistent professional poise and confidence will not go unnoticed. Professionalism will increase the level of trust your employer or customers have in you. One thoughtless, unprofessional email could remain in your superiors’ and coworkers’ heads until the next time you are up for a raise or promotion. Don’t sabotage yourself for the sake a quick email.

Avoid abbreviations and text message slang. Write “Thank you!” or “I appreciate your help!” instead of “Thanks” or “thanx,” or “pictures,” “photographs” or “images” instead of “pics”. Never type “u” or “@”.

Communicate clearly

In addition, in an email you do not have the luxury of vocal tone, facial expressions and body language – most people merely assume that the person “gets” what they are trying to communicate. A short email stating “ok” might be perceived by the recipient as rude, curt or make them feel like they have annoyed you. Recognize the way your words could be perceived and take steps to communicate with clarity.

Although it may take an extra few seconds on your Smartphone, use full sentences and even refer to the past email your recipient sent in order to be as clear as possible. Use proper sentence structure – capital letters and punctuation – in order to convey your sentiments. Never assume that your recipient will simply understand your attitude or tone. Never use emoticons, like 🙂 on every occasion and try to avoid capitalizing whole words or surrounding words in asterisks (*) for emphasis. Instead use more precise verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs to convey an accurate portrait of the way your are feeling.

Do not forget to use line breaks

Frequently Smartphone users will send emails in this format:

hi, thanx for contacting about the car. i think we could prob meet @ noon tomorrow @ the coffee shop. do u need directions? thanx.

Aside from the obvious spelling and grammar issues, if this email were sent from a computer, there would be line breaks between the greeting, body and closing. In this example, everything runs together in one paragraph. Think back to the style of a letter or memo and make sure there is a space between each paragraph.

Activate your Smartphone email signature

As a last resort, if it is imperative to send a short response, be sure that your Smartphone signature line is activated. You may have seen in the emails you’ve received from other Smartphone users: “Sent from my iPhone” or “Sent from my Verizon Blackberry”. This will alert the recipient that you sent the communication through a mobile device rather than a formal computer setting. You can’t guarantee that the person will not be confused or offended by your short, casual response, rather it is an extra step of security if you are in a bind to send an email.

Finally, keep in mind that emails are an inevitable part of your job. Business emails are not just another text message, they are the method through with you communicate indispensable information between employers, customers and coworkers. Get back into the habit of treating emails with the same importance as official letters or memos – because, honestly, that’s what they are! You are not entitled to your job and in this economic climate you are lucky to have it. Honor your employers and customers by being professional in all aspects of the job.

Some Little Known Hay Day Hacks

A Hay Day hack is something that you can use on a day to day basis in order to ensure that no matter what happens, you would be playing the game in the optimal manner. There is a Hay Day hack for pretty much every single aspect of the game including free diamonds for hay day, so much so that if you are ever short on money the only thing you need to do is apply any of the hacks available and you should be good to go. The great thing is that these hacks are not going to involve actually messing around with the code of the game. Instead, you would be able to easily make the most of the game that you are playing by applying little known facts about the game’s overall interface.

Hay Day Hack: Look for Treasure

A great Hay Day hack involves taking a break from farming for a short period of time and then going around other farms looking for little treasure boxes. A lot of people don’t even know that treasure boxes of this variety exist within the world of Hay Day but the truth of the matter is that there are a lot of innocuous looking boxes present within the game’s universe. The reason why so many people don’t know about these boxes is because of the fact that the designers have been rather clever. Instead making these boxes look as conspicuous as possible, they have made them look like regular old tool boxes. You have a lot of tool boxes in your own farm so you know what they look like. The first thing you need to do is check inside them to see if you happen to have any treasure lying around on your very own farm.

If you don’t find any treasure there is no need to lose any hope. There are many more things that you can do if you are willing to apply yourself, such as go to other farms and check out the toolboxes they have there. The first thing that you should keep in mind while you are implementing this particular Hay Day hack is that the farmers that own the land you are searching on might get suspicious, and if they realize that they have treasure which you are basically trying to steal they are probably going to try and run you off since they would want all of the treasure to themselves.

These treasure boxes are often going to be left unlocked, but if you ever find one that has a lock system put into place all you need to do is get your own trusty tool box and have at it. The physics of the Hay Day universe are actually quite sound, so if you have the right tools you would be able to get pretty much any toolbox that you would stumble upon, and a good number of them would certainly be full to the brim with treasure that you would be able to use on a regular basis.

An Uncommon Hay Day Hack

While it would be fair to say that this is not a Hay Day hack per se, you should realize that a lot of Hay Day hacks require you to do this anyway. Basically, one thing that a lot of people need to do if they want to become better at the game but are often unwilling to do is practice. If you want to excel at this game you are going to have to put quite a bit of effort into it. This is because of the fact that there are so many different facets of the game, and for overall success it is imperative that you learn each and every facet as much as possible. After a little while it is going to become pretty much impossible for you to excel if you are not playing the game every day. If you keep playing, you are going to keep getting better no matter what. Soon you are going to be a pro that would be able to handle pretty much any situation that arises with a handy Hay Day hack of their own.

Metal Gear Solid – Portable Ops

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, how am I ever going to get through this game, with its captivating gameplay that swings wildly to a side that one does not expect with the usual Hideo Kojima video game. After a couple of mission as Snake or Big Boss, you will find yourself able to recruit enemy soldiers to join your cause. This aspect of the game simply grabs your attention and will not let go. Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops is based on the Playstation Portable (PSP), ad for the PSP utilizes the controls available almost flawlessly.
Since I still have not gone completely through the game there will be no spoilers for the readers that hate having the ending spoiled, like me who found out the end of the Harry Potter book “The Half Blood Prince” before I had read the ending. In any event you are safe from spoilers here, since I have been captured by the recruitment of enemy soldiers part of the game play. In past Metal Gear Solid games there have been multiple things to do within the games, but the gameplay of capturing enemies and being able to use them is a new one. You are no longer stuck playing as one or even two characters, you can in fact trade out to any character that is within your group on that mission, of course since you control who is in your group you can play as any character available.

The sound within the game can only be experienced with the headphones, and since the radar that has made the series has been changed from the usual radar to a new sound version that operates on sound and sound levels for enemy awareness and approach. This new radar really changes how the game is played since you cannot see where exactly the enemy is and you cannot see where they are looking, this has led to the use of the enemy characters more than the original Snake characters, simply because as an enemy soldier you can slip past the other guards usually undetected.

The controls as I had mentioned are probably as close to flawless as they could get. While the controls are good they will take some getting use to, the joystick controls all movement and with some complex uses of the shoulders buttons and other buttons you can craft your gameplay into a silent but efficient team game. Another big difference here in Portable Ops is the fact that you can only carry 4 objects with you, so there is a lot of equipment shuffling if you are the type to collect things and have a good option of equipment. All in all Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, is a wonderful game and an experience that not only is satisfying but also deeply engrossing. Portable Ops will keep your attention and keep you on the edge of your seat for hours even after the game has been run through. The game can take as long as you like or you can blaze through in a streak for the end game, but you will be back for more if you choose this route. Every person who owns a PSP should invest in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, even if you have never liked the Metal Gear Solid genre of game before Portable Ops is so different than any other Metal Gear Solid game before, and takes the player on a new experience of recruiting, stealth, reconnaissance, and of course action.

Why You Need To Be Serious About Hay Day Hack?

Mobile games have come a long way in last few years and games like HAY DAY have become an integral part of our lifestyle. Most of the gamers are not only playing these games just for the sake of entertainment but they really desire to show their skills and want to emerge as a winner. It sounds interesting but there are many hidden aspects of the game that should be dealt properly. It would be hard for you to unlock higher levels of the game especially when you keep sticking with outdated and traditional gaming methods. Cultivating your uncle’s farm and building all required structures demand little more effort. Yes, there are many tips and tricks to assist you out but still, the use of tools and HAY DAY hack is pretty critical. When you have a right tool at your disposal, the chances of winning the game will increase a lot. A quality tool has the potential to generate unlimited coins and diamonds in quick time. On the other hand, when you apply a wrong Hay day hack, you will only get your gaming account banned.

How To Select An Efficient Hay Day Hack?

With many online tools available, they can seriously confuse you out and lead to wrong selection. As an interested candidate, you are required to follow a calculative and selective approach. In order to make the right call, you need to go through numerous available options and only consider the ones with positive reviews and top ratings. Yes, our mentioned online generator is simply best in the business and designed by skilled and professional hackers. The coding team has made sure, you are not required to download and install HAY DAY hack 2017 and generate all required resources in quick time. In simple words, it is a matter of few clicks on your computer screen and following few simple instructions.

Features Of HAY DAY Hack

We have certainly got an exceptional hack to offer and there are many impressive features that will take your gaming experience to another level. In order to start with this particular hack is completely safe to use. Our coders have applied a powerful algorithm along with proxies in order to protect your identity. The second impressive feature is compatibility. The hack tool will run smoothly on different browsers and gaming platforms. Another astonishing feature is a generation of unlimited coins and diamonds on each occasion. Yes, you can use the tool many times a day but still, it would be advised to apply it once and get the required number of resources. Last but not the least, the hack tool comes with anti-ban features that will make sure, your gaming account doesn’t get banned in any situation.

Final Words

Using hack tool is a great way to make quick progress in the game but still, you need to use it wisely and avoid the scam ones that are merely designed with a purpose to cheat you out.

Online Games – Create the Most Beneficial in Using the Leisure Moment

Whom doesn’t love to play exciting and shooting games Right after a new hectic time schedule, we all feel like soothing. A few number of activity is important to help keep individuals healthy and balanced. By means of actively playing these attracting online games, we would certainly not be far from fun and pleasure. These gaming undoubtedly are a form of entertainment just like movies as effectively as songs.
Online games offer an efficient way of enjoyment utilizing their stunning design along with amazing visuals. They will keep us engrossed throughout the game using his interesting moments. With the progress in technology, these games have improved so much. These kinds of sophisticated video games allow for us that will enjoy of various avid gamers within a true moment environment.

Using helpful story lines they assure to provide a great gaming experience on the gamers. There are fantastic high speed racing gaming, preventing video games, shooting games and many others. Many of the extremely famous games include the incredible Mario Brothers series by the Nintendo. As of the moment, the particular fighting games are generally coming up with more advanced design and special effects

An individual would not require a independent gaming console to try out these kinds of online games. They could be played out easily on your home PC. With advanced graphics as well as increased solid effects, they’re just absolute to offer a fascinating gaming experience towards users. Most of these computer games are created keeping in mind the various interests with people. Your user can have pleasure with computer games everytime once downloading it it on the computer.

There are incredible games like Halo in addition to Mass Effect offer a stimulating experience to the gamers. These games are generally based on the fantastic science hype plots. A lot of the more video games include Mortal Combat which often provides enjoyment for you to total extent. Arguing gaming draw plenty towards avid gamers who like measures and suspense. The player may take on these types of virtual characters. You could find laptop or computer online games throughout several DVDs along with CDs which can be purchased from the online shops. This avid gamers will get a great deal of twists and turns around these online games. Video online games might be divided into different categories of different generations.

With the growing demand for pc video games, people discover more advanced games on the market of his online shops. These types of video online games enable his users to have a real life experience by means of arguing using a variety of players. Their user could also play on the actual net video online games which are available on the internet.

The Basic Rules of 8 Ball Pool

The eight pool ball is a multiplayer online game and it is also called snooker and billiards. Billiards is a game played on the rectangular table by using colorful balls and long stick. The rectangular table has six holes, the four holes are present at the four corners of the table and another two holes are present at the center of two sides between two corner holes. These holes are used for pocket the balls by using stick. The billiard contains cue ball and fifteen object balls.

Concept of 8-Pool Game:

8 ball pool game the main concept is pocketing balls by using the long stick. First the balls are arranged in triangular shape, it is called eight ball rack. The object balls are named with numbers like one to fifteen. That are divided into two sets with seven colors, remaining one is a main ball for this game that should be in black color.

First the players can break the rack, If there are two players in this game, one player should pocket seven balls from ball number one to seven then the another player should pocket other seven balls from ball number nine to fifteen.

Finally you get victory pocket the 8-th ball legally. The 8-th ball in black color, it’s like a red coin in the carrom. The cue ball is a white color ball that helps you to pocket the balls and it is acts like a striker in carrom game. The players should pockets the object balls through this cue ball only.

The Basic Rules:

Many rules are available for this game but here only few rules are placed. Those are,

  • If you want to get coins choose this website: it’s the best out there..
  • When your cue ball goes down you’ll get minus points.
  • If you pocket a black ball at first it will be foul that means wrong.
  • If you does not hit the ball track around the table it will be consider as a foul.

How to play 8-Pool Ball game?

At starting the balls are arranged in triangular shape, the player will break that triangular first by using stick. Then first player using white ball to pocket other color balls, that means aim to pocket seven color balls. The opponent also does this same task, but he/she will aim to pocket another seven numbered balls. After the pocket of all seven balls the both players are try to pocket the black ball at first. Who will pocket those eight balls, she/he is the winner.

Play matches and tournaments:

If you can play one-on-one matches and tournaments in this game, you just click the “play” button. In matches you can choose any venues or maps. If you want to unlock some locations you need some pool coins. When you win the tournaments you will get some points 8 ball pool coins that are useful to buy levels or something in this game.

Pool coins and Pool cash:

This game has its own currency, pool coins and pool cash. The pool coins are used to enter the tournaments, matches and purchase new things for the game. The levels in the game are purchased only by using pool cash.

How to Earn Pool Coins?

  • Use 30 minute timer- Clicking the button on your main screen and you can get 25 free Pool Coins.
  • By purchasing the pool coins from the pool shop.
  • By winning the matches and tournaments you will get more pool coins.

The concept of “Spin and Win”:

The “Spin and Win” is a mini game that gives the chance to the players to win up to 50,000 pool coins when they play this 8 pool ball game for each day.

Usage of Pool Shop:

By using this pool shop you can buy anything for your game by using pool coins or pool cash. Anything like

  • Table,
  • Cue ball,
  • Pool coins and etc.

The cue balls are gives some extra phrases to you. It is also allow you to communicate with your opponent.

Why more peoples are playing this game?

Because anyone can play this game at any time at any were through internet. If you won the game then you can get the opponent coins also and this game provides the matches and tournaments.

How to Use Giants in Clash of Clans?

Giants are currently the best troops in a clash of clans because giants can fill the tank role better than barbarians because they have a lot more health and they are less vulnerable to splash attack from mortars. They are effective on the map because they prioritize targeting a defensive building by using giants you can focus on neutralizing the enemy defensive power. Giants are well known for their excellent uses to distract and soak up hits for their comrades.

How to use giants in a clash of clans?

First, you need to get Giants, the simplest way to do so is by using a coc hack. Giants are proven to be useful when combined with wall breakers and goblins. This strategy will work great when used on a heavily fortified base with lots of resources. Giants will distract all the defensive buildings and then drop the wall breakers near the column of walls you want to breach. Once the walls have been breached then quickly it will be release all the offensive units like archers to destroy the defensive towers to steal the resources.

There is another raiding strategy using a combination of lots of giants and two healers. This strategy will work in all types of bases. You need to spam all the giants you have on the map and then when the giants start to get focus fired by the defensive building. You have to deploy the 2 healers about five tiles behind the group of giants. This strategy will work because most of the times the two healers will heal back all the damage that has been done to the group of giants in front of them. You have to be careful when employing this strategy because an air defense can shot your healer unit from afar and it will be wary of the spring traps that will kill your giants in an instant.

There will be one effective raiding strategy can be utilized by using a combination of few giants and lots of archers. Deploy giants to distract all the defensive buildings attack focus and then quickly drop archers near the attacking tower to destroy them. This strategy is used correctly and it can easily wipe out an entire base and ended up by rewarding you with a three-star victory.

It is a full of strategy and tactics you need to know to get the winning edge for playing clash of clans.

Enjoy playing Clash Royale PC for Windows

Can you play Clash Royale on PC ?

Nowadays, the clash royale is an excellent gaming option for those who look for a decent game play to enjoy with PC. Now, the clash royale is available for windows PC, so you can easily access and play on your own device. Recently, the latest version of this game was released by the Super cell. Since, the clash royale PC is an amazing game to play. Based on the game developers, it is most popular dueling as well as multiplayer card game that allow the players to perform upgrading and also gathering a different card in a row. Previously, the game developer Super cell has also developed a lot of famous games such as hay day, boom beach and clash of clans and so on.

The great features of clash royale are similar to the clans and the royales. It will ensure all the players to enjoy interacting with one another. Initially, this game was only released for the iOS platform, but now it is compatible to work all other devices such as android, PC windows, etc. You can also enjoy this game in Mac OS X too. The specialty of clash royale is offering a lot of interesting things such as rewards, arenas and clash lineups in the multiplayer battle arena on the internet, where you can get all kinds of cards.

Enter the clash royale arena to lead a victory!

The main strategy of game is required to build the most arrays of cards to fight against the opponents and also give access to chests in order to hold the dominant new cards. One of the most important features offered by Super cell is ability to create a combat community as well as the share cards. Once you start playing this game, you should select the preferred spells, clash troops and protections. You can also advance through the different arenas to approach the ultimate positions in a major agenda. However, in order to properly build a deck, you are going to require gems . We suggest you take a look at websites such as for more details on this.

How to play clash royale with PC?

If you want to know how to play the clash royale game, you just follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, you have to download the andyroid for your PC windows. Currently, if you use any versions on windows such as windows 7, 8 and 10, then you can make sure your PC will match minimum system requirements.
  • After downloading, you have to begin the installation process of emulator by simply pressing at the Next button to install it. Presently, this andyroid supports up to 40 languages, so you can prefer any language for your convenience after installing it.
  • Then, the installer should begin the downloading process of all the required files. It takes approximately about 3 to 10 minutes time based on your internet connection.
  • Once the installer wizard process has completed, this andyroid will begin automatically that you can see it on your display instantly.
  • Whenever you download the android software from the Google play store, it will ask you for creating Google account. So, you can select the ‘Existing’ to type your account information or choose the option ‘New’ to create a new account on Google play.
  • There are many options available at the bottom of a sidebar, so you can be easily used to config on your virtual device.
  • You can also get access to change the key map, camera, location, micro and able to use the directional buttons.
  • To search for clash royale that you wish to install, you just tap on the Play store icon in the home screen and then press Install button.
  • Finally, you just press on Open button and begin playing your game!