The Basic Rules of 8 Ball Pool

The eight pool ball is a multiplayer online game and it is also called snooker and billiards. Billiards is a game played on the rectangular table by using colorful balls and long stick. The rectangular table has six holes, the four holes are present at the four corners of the table and another two holes are present at the center of two sides between two corner holes. These holes are used for pocket the balls by using stick. The billiard contains cue ball and fifteen object balls.

Concept of 8-Pool Game:

8 ball pool game the main concept is pocketing balls by using the long stick. First the balls are arranged in triangular shape, it is called eight ball rack. The object balls are named with numbers like one to fifteen. That are divided into two sets with seven colors, remaining one is a main ball for this game that should be in black color.

First the players can break the rack, If there are two players in this game, one player should pocket seven balls from ball number one to seven then the another player should pocket other seven balls from ball number nine to fifteen.

Finally you get victory pocket the 8-th ball legally. The 8-th ball in black color, it’s like a red coin in the carrom. The cue ball is a white color ball that helps you to pocket the balls and it is acts like a striker in carrom game. The players should pockets the object balls through this cue ball only.

The Basic Rules:

Many rules are available for this game but here only few rules are placed. Those are,

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  • When your cue ball goes down you’ll get minus points.
  • If you pocket a black ball at first it will be foul that means wrong.
  • If you does not hit the ball track around the table it will be consider as a foul.

How to play 8-Pool Ball game?

At starting the balls are arranged in triangular shape, the player will break that triangular first by using stick. Then first player using white ball to pocket other color balls, that means aim to pocket seven color balls. The opponent also does this same task, but he/she will aim to pocket another seven numbered balls. After the pocket of all seven balls the both players are try to pocket the black ball at first. Who will pocket those eight balls, she/he is the winner.

Play matches and tournaments:

If you can play one-on-one matches and tournaments in this game, you just click the “play” button. In matches you can choose any venues or maps. If you want to unlock some locations you need some pool coins. When you win the tournaments you will get some points 8 ball pool coins that are useful to buy levels or something in this game.

Pool coins and Pool cash:

This game has its own currency, pool coins and pool cash. The pool coins are used to enter the tournaments, matches and purchase new things for the game. The levels in the game are purchased only by using pool cash.

How to Earn Pool Coins?

  • Use 30 minute timer- Clicking the button on your main screen and you can get 25 free Pool Coins.
  • By purchasing the pool coins from the pool shop.
  • By winning the matches and tournaments you will get more pool coins.

The concept of “Spin and Win”:

The “Spin and Win” is a mini game that gives the chance to the players to win up to 50,000 pool coins when they play this 8 pool ball game for each day.

Usage of Pool Shop:

By using this pool shop you can buy anything for your game by using pool coins or pool cash. Anything like

  • Table,
  • Cue ball,
  • Pool coins and etc.

The cue balls are gives some extra phrases to you. It is also allow you to communicate with your opponent.

Why more peoples are playing this game?

Because anyone can play this game at any time at any were through internet. If you won the game then you can get the opponent coins also and this game provides the matches and tournaments.